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Fit Mama
Want your body back & stronger than ever after pregnancy? Our small group training and expert guidance will get you there.

Maybe you've recently delivered your first baby. Or, maybe you're years out from your delivery. Either way, you're looking to know which exercises are safe and effective for amplifying your busy life as a mom and catapulting your exercise routine. You're looking to feel and be the strongest mama you can be.

This small group training is targeted just for moms like you. Train in a group setting with a skilled physical therapist. This program will include strength and cardio segments, and can be modified based on your current skill level.

Level I
For Moms new to exercise and postpartum moms 0-6 months.

Level II
For moms 6 months postpartum and up, or with extensive fitness experience.

This small group class will focus on essential postpartum skills and techniques such as deep breathing, core activation, pelvic stabilization, proper lifting, posture, balance and strengthening. Each class will include an educational component as well as targeted exercises. Many of the exercises will involve body weight, exercise bands, kettle bells (or babies!) as well as other baby items like carseats and strollers

While this class has a focus on the health and postpartum care of the mama, babies are welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Or sign up online through the link below. Registration page will open in a new window. Scroll down for the Fit Mama class registration.

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