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Fitness & Wellness

Reach and maintain your fitness and sports goals. Marathon’s top priority is to guide you in establishing and maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Our group classes and one-on-one services provide you with advice and guidance from experienced health and fitness professionals who know the human body, how it works and its potential. We are a highly specialized team of physical therapists, trainers, running experts, and pilates, yoga and fitness instructors dedicated to getting you the results you want and keeping you injury free. 

Contact us today and we’ll design and implement a personalized fitness program that works for you.

Our Fitness & Wellness Services include:

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care I received while going to you! I feel so good and I owe it all to you!"


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Fitness at Your Fingertips. Convenient and easy online sign-ups allow you reserve your spot in any of Marathon's Fitness & Wellness Classes with just two clicks.

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