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Endurance Athlete Services

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Marathon’s endurance athlete program is specifically designed for runners, and multi-sport athletes. Our services include training and event coverage, clinical rehabilitation, educational seminars and team sponsorship. Our goal is to evaluate, treat, and educate athletes in the prevention of endurance-related injuries. We emphasize the importance of balancing strength, endurance, flexibility, and form through specific conditioning to maximize your potential.

Functional Movement Screen

Prevent running injuries with a Functional Movement Screen at Marathon Physical Therapy. Having a professional evaluate seven simple movement patterns will provide you the information needed toprevent injuries and maximize performance potential.

Personal Training

Marathon’s Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists will utilize the Functional Movement Screen and Video Gait Analysis results to design a program specific to the athlete’s needs. This functional and sport-specific training will provide the strength and mobility needed to prevent injuries and maximize performance potential.

Video Gait Analysis

The Video Gait Analysis by Marathon Physical Therapy will review the many variables that affect the runner’s gait. These variables include musculoskeletal health, mobility, stability, cadence, vertical displacement, hip balance, foot strike, thoracic rotation and lower extremity positioning. Information from this analysis will allow Marathon Staff to make suggestions and prescribe exercises for correcting deviated gait patterns.

Massage Therapy

Restricted tissue often leads to compensation and injury. Regularly scheduled Massage can reduce restrictions and maintain functional movement patterns. Marathon Licensed Massage Therapists utilize information gathered during the Functional Movement Screen and Video Gait Analysis to target restricted regions and maximize results based on the individual needs of the athlete.

Blood Lactate Threshold Testing

Marathon uses the Gold Standard for testing lactate threshold. Tests are performed on our treadmills or personal cycle and computrainer. The test includes an athlete performing work at increasing intervals of either velocity or power while blood samples are drawn to determine blood lactate levels and heart rate is monitored. These data are used to provide the athlete and/or coach with targeted heart-rate training zones.

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