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SPH Yoga

Marathon Physical Therapy offers yoga classes together with School of Pelvic Health and Your Pace Yoga

Why Yoga?

An addition to existing pelvic and obstetric healthcare pathways, the School of Pelvic Health (SPH) gives patients a head start in their recovery, whether waiting for other interventions (surgery, physical therapy, etc), or not.

School of Pelvic Health - Yoga map
School of pelvic health
School of pelvic health


Dustienne Miller is a physical therapist with a women's clinical health specialist board certification. She is also a Kripalu yoga teacher and dancer. Dustienne passionately believes in the integration of physical therapy and yoga in a holistic model of care, helping individuals navigate through pelvic pain and incontinence to reach a healthy and pain-free life.

She is the creator of the DVDs Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain and Your Pace Yoga: Optimizing Bladder Control.

Dustienne Miller

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