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Dance Medicine

What is dance medicine? Dance Medicine is the practice of healing and preventing dance-related injuries through physical therapy, rehabilitation services, cross training, personal training, and educational lectures specialized for dancers. These services are meant to balance the flexibility and strength within the dance body through conditioning and training. Such a balance will help prevent future injury.

Mission: Our goal is to evaluate, treat, and educate artists in the prevention of dance-related injuries. The staff at Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine is well trained to address physical and psychological needs of the artist.

Dance Medicine Program: Through the Dance Medicine Outreach Program Marathon Therapists guest lecture at studios around the Boston area, educating dance students, teachers, and parents about injury prevention and healthy dance habits. Educational lecture topics and services include…

If you are interested in having a Dance Medicine Program at your studio, please contact Marathon Physical Therapy at 617-244-1990.

"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful care I received while going to you! I feel so good and I owe it all to you!"


Healthy Dancer Quiz

  1. Do you feel reoccurring pain or straining during or after class in a specific area of your body?
  2. Does you hip feel stuck or pop uncomfortably several times a day?
  3. Does your ankle feel caught when you go on relevé or in plié?
  4. Would you like to know more about why nutrition is important to stay healthy and energized as a dancer?
  5. Would you like to know how to properly ice, heat, and wrap injuries?
  6. Would you like to know how to cross train for dance to maintain healthy muscle balance?
  7. Would you like to know how to properly warm up before class and cool down after class?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may benefit from Dance Medicine. Ask your health care provider or call Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine for more information.

Dance medicine treatment

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