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ACL Prevention Program

MPT's ACL Prevention Program Mission Statement:

It is our goal to provide athletes of all levels with evidence-based neuromuscular training and education in order to improve body mechanics and reduce likelihood of ACL injury.

ACL Program


  • » The majority of ACL injuries (~70%) occur while playing agility sports, and the most often reported sports are basketball, soccer, skiing, and football.
  • » An estimated 70% of ACL injuries are sustained through noncontact mechanisms, while the remaining 30% result from direct contact.
  • » NCAA statistics show that female athletes are 2-10 times more likely to sustain an ACL injury playing sports when compared to male counterparts.
  • » Several factors are linked to an increased risk of ACL injury in females including lower extremity alignment (wider pelvis, knee valgus, foot pronation), joint laxity, hamstring flexibility, muscle development, hormonal differences, and ACL size.
  • » A strong association exists between ACL injury and the development of posttraumatic knee osteoarthritis at a young age.s

A full overview of Marathon's ACL Prevention Program can be viewed as a PDF file through this link.

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